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Nitrogen Gas Inflating for Aircraft,Race Cars, Earthmover High Purity Nitrogen 95-99.5﹪
Model : JNP-1000 Bus, Truck

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Product : JNP-1000

Apply Car Kind Car, Bus, Truck
Input Compress Pressure 12Kg/cm2 (max: 13Kg/cm2)
Nitrogen Gas Purity 95-99.5%
Purity adjust mode Output Flow Adjust Purity Method
Dimensions 460x280x1120mm
Weight 45Kg
Options: Vacuum Generator
Nitrogen Gas Tube
Meter of Nitrogen Gas Purity

Nitrogen Gas Generates :  

 99%  98%  97%  96%  95%
112l/min  172l/min  230l/min  286l/min   346l/min