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PSA-1002,2002 Nitrogen Generators

Produce nitrogen gas from compressed air and offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional nitrogen gas supplies such as cylinder or liquid.


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Product : PSA-1002,2002 Nitrogen Generators

⊙ Can operate from a standard factory compressed air supply
⊙ Precision filter system
⊙ LCD display,User friendly control interface
⊙ Graphical action display
⊙ system working hours
⊙ Purity 99.99% nitrogen
⊙ Compact design, Convenient mobility
⊙ built-in monitoring device can monitor system operation at any time, provide a warning message
⊙ Hardware test function
⊙ Optinal Oxygen sensor
⊙ Optinal Inlet & Outlet pressure sensor
⊙ Automatic economy mode
⊙ Optional RS-422 monitoring system, remote monitoring the purity of nitrogen, Inlet and outlet pressure  And remote control unit boot and shut down, data archiving, Query print ... and other functions.
⊙ The easy to use system is simple to install,requires minimal mainten