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All-in-one nitrogen generators supplying Nitrogen flow up to 75 liters/min

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Inside Oil Free Scroll & Inverter


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Product : GLN-75P

●  Only 67cm in height; can easily fit under a counter.
●  Ideally supplies nitrogen gas for LC/MS/MS, QDa, MP/AES, ELSD, sample evaporators, and much more.
●  Reliable oil free scroll compressor, quiet 49 dB(A) operation at a safe.
●   Inside inverter,allows users to adjust the nitrogen flow rate and purity.
●  Plug and play diagnostics port – requires no compressed air supply.
●  Produces a continuous stream of high purity analytical grade nitrogen 24 hours a day
●  Built-in two temperature and two pressure monitoring sensors,
● User-friendly LCD display
●   Automatic system alarms; ensures safety, protection,
●   real-time operating hours, set parameters, maintenance requirements.
●  Optional kits:oxygen analyzer,RS232 or RS422 interfaces